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How to use Disclaimer page generator ?

Steps to generate a disclaimer page for your blog .

  1. Enter if you are generating this disclaimer for a company ( representing more than 1 people ) or for a individual blog or website for which you are generating disclaimer page . 
  2. Then enter the name of the website or company which ever you want to give preferably provide your website name for which you are generating disclaimer page. 
  3. Enter the company tagline but it is not mandatory .
  4. Enter the website/blog URL for which you want to generate disclaimer page. 
  5. Enter the contact page URL of your blogger or wordpreess blogs or any website. This is important because if some costumer or user of your website have some issues regarding disclaimer of your blog or website they find it easy to contact you directly from here.
  6. Then click on generate the disclaimer page.
  7. Preview will appear below the form with the code for the page below the preview of generated disclaimer page for your website or blog. 
  8. Directly click on copy the code and it will copy the whole generated disclaimer page code to your dashboard then go to your hosting(blogger,wordpress or any type of hosting and cms)  add a page named "disclaimer " and paste the code. 

What is a disclaimer page ? & disclaimer page sample. 

Every blogger who runs a successful blog or going to start a new blog tries to give most valuable and true facts to the consumer  of his blog or website ,but still sometimes some facts are misspelled or unknowingly got wrongly written on our blog or website. Let consumer of your blog trusts you and apply some of the principles to their real life which you share through your blog .If some wrong will happend to then they have the rights to take legal actions against you and your blog. So in that point a disclaimer page cone into use it limits the return legal action which a consumer can take against the blog woner or any service owner .So it is very important to have a disclaimer page on your blog or website .

For whom this disclaimer page generator tool is most suitable for .

We have tried to make a tool which can create the disclaimer page for every case in which you need a disclaimer page. Still the disclaimer page generator tool will provide you maximum result if you are generating disclaimer page for a
  • Simple informative blog. 
  • A website for your business or company .
  • A blog present in blogger. 
  • A blog present in wordpreess .
  • A simple blog present in any hosting. 
  • A website which provides health related news and informations.
  • And in more cases also.

Features of using our disclaimer page generator tool .

  1. Generate disclaimer  for your blog which is present on any hosting or platform like blogger or wordpress. 
  2. We have tried to make the generated disclaimer page compliant with all important legal needs. 
  3. Disclaimer page Code generated will be compatible in every browser. 
  4. Disclaimer page generator tool is very easy to use.
  5. Disclaimer page generator tool is free to use and you can use it as many times as you want.
  6. No sign-up required to generate the pdisclaimer page generator tool.

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