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How to generate robots.txt? and how to use robots.txt for your blogger website?

  1. Copy your website URL or manually type the URL (check the format we have given below the URL entry box) and paste it on the URL box.
  2. Click on generate Robots.txt file .
  3. Copy the whole code by clicking copy code button.
  4. Go to your blogger dashboard -> setting ->crawler and indexing ,enable costume robots.txt and below it paste the copied code.
robots.txt for blogger how to update

What is Robots.txt ?

Robots.txt is a file which which instruct the search engine(ex. google, bing, yahoo, etc.) crawlers to either crawl or not-crawl a post ora page or a group of post/pages .Now what is crawl, crawling is the process in which search engine automatic robots visit your websites and try to understand and visualize your whole page /post and how much useful content it can provide to their user 👤 with their highly advance automatic bot.

robots.txt for blogger example

Features of using our robots. text generator.

  1. Generate the most Robots.txt file for your blogger blog which will be properly compatible with all detach engines and best in 2021 and it will help to provide maximum SEO result for your blogger blog.
  2. Absolute free
  3. Generate in a click
  4. No sign up or login required for Generating any pages from our website including Robots.txt generator for blogger.
  5. No Back links .
no sign-up required for robots.txt generator

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