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What is (word, sentence ,character, reading time )counter? 

Word,sentence,character ,reading time  counter is a free web tool for counting all these mentioned properties of a text. 

What is Character ? Also known as letter in English language ,represent a single entity like "A" or "a" in this character counter we have taken everything you type at a single type on keyboard as a character. Like A TO Z, a to z, 0 to 9,and including all signs +,-,@,$,) etc. 

What is a word? A word is a group of letters which represented as single entity having a physical meaning .This word counter properties checks the words which you type or paste in the above box and friends ND for you that if your article or post is ready to be published as a post in your blog or website .

What is sentence ? Sentence is a group of words represents a special meaning for this universe .This sentence counter properties count the sentence which ends in (. ! ?) signs. 

What is reading time ? Reading time represents a approximate time for which your visitor will read your blog or article .

How to use this word/ sentences / character/letter/ reading time counter?

We have tried to keep the counter as simple as possible and also tried to show the important properties like number of words, sentence,letter,character,and reading time for a article at proper places so that bloggers and writers can find is east Tobias the tool. Just paste your content or type on the above box and click count and verify your properties easily is the article ready to be published or not.

Features of using our word counter? 

  1. Easy to use .
  2. Clearly shows the important properties (like number of words, number of sentences, number of character or letters, and approx reading time of article ) of your article.
  3. Free to be use as many times as you want. 
  4. No sign-up or login required .
  5. Coming infinity number of words,sentence,letter or characters .
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