About us


"Page generator" is a advance and easy to use tool designed carefully to help every blogger who want to start a new blog or running a successful blog.We always try come up with new tools and technologies which can add values to our fellow bloggers life and make their task easy done.

easy blog page generator for blogger and wordpreess

What we provide

We generate each initial page a blogger need to have in his blog to start and earn from his blog

Some Pages Include:
  1. Abour us page for a blog
  2. contact us page for a blog
  3. privacy policypage for a blog
  4. Disclaimer page for a blog
  5. Table Generator
  6. Robots.txt file for blogger blogs
  7. and many more and are coming soon...

Free and No sign-up Required

We don't harrass a blogger by collecting unnecessary things from a blogger like email address or compressing a blogger for sign-up to use this simple services.Our services are totally free you can use the services as many times you need.

free blog page generator

Legal trust

Completely compatible with all legal needs of a generated page from our website to secure your blog and blog users.

compliance with all legal needs in generated page